The best bingo halls around the world

Bingo is a popular game in many countries, and there are many halls and clubs that specialise in it. Here are some of the most famous and best bingo halls around the world:

1. Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA): Located in Connecticut, this resort offers a huge bingo hall with plenty of seats and frequent high jackpots.
2. Mecca Bingo (UK): This chain of bingo halls has many clubs across the UK and is one of the most famous in the country.
3. Beacon Bingo (UK): Another popular UK bingo hall chain with high quality service and great prizes.
4. The Plaza Hotel and Casino (USA): Located in Las Vegas, this bingo hall offers a classic bingo experience with the added excitement of an entertainment city.
5. Colossus Bets (Gibraltar): This bingo hall offers progressive jackpots and sports betting options, making it one of a kind.
6. Nambucca (UK): Located in London, this hall is known for its atmosphere and innovative approaches to the classic game.
7. Bingo Billy (online): Although this is an online platform, it is worth mentioning due to its popularity and many offers for players.

It is worth considering that many bingo enthusiasts also prefer online versions of the game, as it allows them to play anytime and anywhere. Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular and many traditional halls also offer their versions of the game online.


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