Cashback at Cat casino

Cat Casino offers a cashback programme for players. Cashback is the return of part of the lost money in the form of a bonus. At Cat Casino the conditions and amount of cashback may vary depending on the level of the player in the loyalty programme or individual promotions.

Usually, the amount of cashback is expressed as a percentage of the player’s total losses over a certain period of time. For example, if a casino offers a cacheback of 10% and a player loses $1,000, he will get back $100 in the form of a bonus.

Cashback is usually credited to the player’s gaming account automatically after the promotional period is over. It can be credited in the form of bonus cash that requires wagering with certain conditions before it becomes available for withdrawal. Cashback can also be credited without any additional conditions.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the Cat Casino cashback programme to understand which games are included in the promotion, what are the restrictions and how to use the received cashback.

Please note that cacheback rules and promotions are subject to change, so it is recommended to check the official Cat Casino website for up-to-date information or contact the support team to get details about current cacheback offers.

Cashback at Cat casino: types of cashback

Cat Casino offers different types of cashback, which can vary depending on the current promotions and loyalty programme. Here are some of the popular types of cashback:

  1. Losses Cashback: This is the most common type of cashback. It offers players the opportunity to receive a portion of their losses in the form of bonus cash. For example, if you lost a certain amount of money during the week, the casino can give you back some of those losses in the form of a bonus.
  2. Monthly Cashback: Some casinos offer a monthly cashback, which is calculated based on your total losses for the previous month. This can be a percentage of your losses, which will be credited to your gaming account in the form of bonus money.
  3. Cashback on certain games: In some cases, casinos offer cashback on certain games or categories of games. For example, you may only get cashback on slots or table games. This can be a great opportunity to get compensated for losses on your favourite games.
  4. Cashback for VIP players: Some casinos offer special cashback to their VIP players who have reached a certain level in their loyalty programme. This can be a more favourable cacheback or extra privileges for VIP players.

It is important to read the terms and conditions and rules of Cat Casino’s cacheback as they may vary depending on promotions and loyalty programme. Please refer to the cacheback rules to learn about the specific requirements and restrictions associated with receiving and utilising cacheback.

Cat casino cashback: how to get the bonus

In order to claim your Cat Casino cashback, you usually need to meet certain conditions, which can vary depending on current promotions and loyalty programme. Here are the general steps that you can take to get the cacheback:

  1. Register at Cat Casino: First of all, you will need to create an account at the casino and go through the registration process. Make sure you provide the correct details and verify your account.
  2. Take part in a promotion: Cat Casino may run various promotions that offer cashback. Check out the current promotions and find out what conditions you need to fulfil in order to receive your cashback.
  3. Make qualifying bets: In most cases, you will need to make certain bets on casino games to qualify for cashback. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the bets to qualify for the cacheback.
  4. Track your losses: Cashback is usually awarded based on your losses in games. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your losses and make sure they qualify for the promotion.
  5. Get your cashback: When you fulfil the terms and conditions of the promotion, your cashback will be credited to your gaming account. Please refer to the promotion rules or your personal account to find out how to get your kashback and use it.

It’s important to remember that the terms and conditions for getting your cashback can change, so it’s recommended to check the rules of each promotion or loyalty programme to be aware of the requirements and restrictions for receiving the bonus.


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