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Energy Healing with Cindy Libman – A psychotherapist and advanced energy healer who has been counseling individuals, couples, and therapists for over 27 years. – Innovative, informative and empowering health and fitness ebooks. No fads or gimmicks! Scientifically sound exercise, nutrition and weight control information for lifelong fitness and good health.

100% Pure Green Barley Powder – New Zealand green barley powder. Free deliveries worldwide for effective herbal remedy, no minimum order quantity.

Air Purifiers – We offer air purifiers engineered to enhance living conditions, provide superior air quality and decrease overall indoors air pollution. – Use the cervical traction pillow to restore the curve in your neck. The normal cervical curve can improve your health and helps you get rid of pain; used by chiropractors all over the world.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Centre – Visit us for your free 39 page guide to aromatherapy. We offer a large selection of wholesale products and information.

Arura Clinic of Natural Medicine – Dr. Shandor Weiss, naturopathic/holistic doctor, specializes in diagnosing and treating difficult cases and conditions with electrodermal tests. Eco-body-mind medicine, deep healing, pain care, detox.

The Atkins Diet – Your online super-store for discount Atkins products! – Free Ayurvedic consultations. Herbal remedies for low libido, genital herpes, menopause, old age and kids health problems. Rejuvenation, virility and deaddiction therapies.

BetterU, Inc. – Powerful Fitness Information – Your source for free, high-quality, immediately-useful fitness information . Learn about fat loss, muscle gain, strength building, exercise technique and more. We also offer online personal training.

Boca Raton Personal Training – Create the body of your dreams in 8 weeks! Personal training in Southeast Florida. – Provides valuable information on bodybuilding, weight loosing, fitness, injuries related to bodybuilding, exercises and much more.

Clean Air 4 Life – Offering Biozone air purifiers for the home and office. Air cleaners that remove smoke, odors, pet dander and cantiments from your indoor environment.

Custom Bodies – The Fat Loss Experts – Personal trainers in Tampa, FL provide fitness & weightloss programs with guaranteed results. Free resources include fitness tips, articles, calculators, tools, recipes, & more.

Dallas Personal Trainer – Join new wave fitness newsletter Active Health and receive monthly tips for better living through fitness & nutrition.

Electric Scooters 101 – Pride Scooters – Electric, travel, & medical scooters. 3 and 4 wheels. Offering Pride Power electric scooters at guaranteed low prices, delivered to your home!

Essential Air – Aromatherapy supplies and holistic products. Member of NAHA and the Lavender & Herb Society of the Pioneer Valley.

Eventide Counseling Service in NH – Offering counseling services specializing in marriage counseling, women’s issues, postpartum depression and life transitions.

Far Infrared Therapy Clothing for Arthritis Pain & Healing – We carry a full line of therapeutic knee, elbow, and wrist bands, slimmer garments, intimate wear, etc. for arthritis pain, weight loss and holistic healing.

The Fat Loss Coach – Lose 2-3 lbs. of fat weekly. All programs designed by nationally recognized nutritionist Charlie Remington. Control hormonal response to foods. Lose fat without losing muscle or reducing metabolism.

Head Lice Elimination – Eliminate head lice and body lice with our all-natural tea tree oil shampoo and body wash. Excellent for schools, hospitals, military, correctional institutions.

Health Spas Guide for South Africa – The health spas guide for South Africa helps you find and book – quickly and easily – the facilities best suited to your needs – no extra cost to you

Human Touch Massage Chairs – We offer human touch massage chairs and Shiatsu massage recliners by Interactive Health.

House of Gar Holistic Health & Wellness – Products, services and resources for total health and wellness. Resources for body mind and spirit, articles, live news feeds and archives, & much more.

Hypnotic World – Hypnosis and hypnotherapy information, scripts, recordings and more

KOR personal training – New Englands ultimate training facility in Wellesley, MA.

Leyden House Limited – Manufacturer of the Essential Air Aromatherapy Diffuser System. We also carry a large variety of pure organic essential oils & blends and all natural hand made products for home, office & spa.

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainers – Fitness Together – Our personal programs offer the most advanced goal-oriented one on one training for men and women.

High Performance Personal Training – Mr. America Jason Kozma and his high performance trainers offer personal training and nutritional guidance to the Los angeles area. – The number one source for Polar heart rate monitors and heart rate training information as well as having over 1000 health and fitness articles to optimize your fitness and quality of life




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